Don’t think that bathing is an easy task. Bathing for a dog is like bathing a human baby. There are many things to pay attention. If you take a bath in the wrong way, it will cause the dog getting resisted with the bathing, meanwhile it may cause serious physical disease. So in this article, I would lik to share how to bath for the dog in the right way.

1. Brush Hair, Clean Eyes and Ears

Brushing the dog’s hair before getting wet, can remove the lost hair and the knots easier comparing hair getting wet. While bathing, has to avoid water entering into the eyes and ears, so it is necessary to clean these two sensitive parts before bathing. Wipe dog’s eyes with a warm towel, then clean eyes and ears with special eye drops and ear wash. Dogs with more fluffy ear canal also need to pull out their ear hair to prevent the accumulation of cerumen (earwax) and avoid creating an environment for bacterial growth. After that, stuffed dog’s ears with medical cotton to avoid water coming into the ear when later on bathing. Definately, if possible you can put on the dog eye ointment to protect their eyes.

2. Adjust Water Temperature

Before bathing, the owner has to adjust the water temperature to the proper level around 38-40 degrees. Otherwise, inappropriate water temperature will frighten them, which will bring to psychological shadow of fear of bathing.

3. Bath for Your Dog

Never spray water directly on a dog with a sprinkler with excessive water pressure, this will frighten the dog,  and it wiil be troublesome if the dog resists to take  a bath in the future. Gently make dog’s hair getting wet, then squeeze pet hair shampoo into palms and lather with water, gently message on dog’s body and rinse with water. Make sure you avoid dog’s face and eyes and ears and nose. All foam and dirt must be washer away, if there is residue, it will do harm to dog’s hair and skin.

4. Dry Hair

Before drying the dog’s hair, using a towel blot-up excess water. With different dog breeds, the operation of drying hair is different. Such as Malchis, Xishi, Yorkshire and other long-haired dogs need to be dried in the direction the hair grows. while Poodle and Bichon Maltiase need to be dried in the direction against the hair grows. Hair drier has to keep around 20-30CM away from dog coat, using warm wind mode instead of hot wind. At the same time, brush the dog’s hair to avoid causing knots. When drying the head hair, keep longer distance to avoid blowing directly, you’d better cover the dog’s eyes with hands to prevent the wind from directly touching the eyes and causing fear.

After all the bathing steps finish, your dog become clean and smell nice! At the end you can treat and reward your dog with some snacks, I believe your dog will surely love with bathing.